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Fridge App Design Process 

Background: This project was part of a year long senior computer science course.                     It was completed over 2 semesters and culminated in an Expo fair.

Project timeline

research users' needs
revise prototype
heuristic evals
peer reviews
plan sprint schedule
+ MVP map
follow sprint schedule
write code + review after each sprint
january - march


  • personas
  • user stories
  • scenarios


define problem
brainstorm + research
create solution + wireframe prototype
develop business plan
Present at Expo!


Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 1.05.49 PM.png

My role
        & my team

  • primary communicator

  • check in with team members

  • reach out to instructors

  • present project to course instructors and College of Computing board members

  • create presentation materials

  • record demo videos 

  • provide additional support to team


Figma, Android Studio, G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Github, Zenhub

Problem space: Food & financial waste

218.9 lbs

per person sent to landfills each year

$ 49 billion

in vegetables alone was wasted in 2019
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 10.12_edited.png


User needs

Alex wastes food because:

no time to plan meals
+ forget what they already have
+ redundant purchases
they need a fast, simple, easy to use solution that will speak to each of their pain points 
Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 9.47_edited.png

Alex Pilea they/them

age: 22

occupation: part-time student and barista

location: Atlanta, GA - lives with 4 roommates

User goals:
  • wants to eat more meals at home
  • save money by using the food they buy instead of throwing it away when it spoils
Frustrations/Pain points:
  • too busy to plan meals
  • on a tight budget
  • forgets what they already have
  • confuses their food with their roommates
Technical experience
social media
primary devices: smartphone & laptop


Solution plan


create grocery lists
  • informed by current fridge/pantry inventory
  • auto-updates inventories 



expiration reminders
  • informed by current items in the user's inventory
  • occur on a set schedule by the user as to not overwhelm them with notifications
financial waste
  • based off of how the food in the user's inventory is used, financial waste is tracked and visually updated each month
  • motivates user by promoting financial savings
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 10.52_edited.png

Key outcomes

  • Fridge placed 3rd at the course expo 
  • I learned...
    • completing a product/project over the entirety of its lifespan ​
    • how to critically revise and view one's own work while aware of inherent bias
    • communicating technical concepts in a simplified yet comprehensive manner
    • how to empower team members throughout a lengthy project
    • the power of encouragement and appreciation on a team 
    • managing myself and being honest about my limitations
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